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Safe and secure dating platform with a female-friendly community

Badoo Overview

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  • Badoo Is the world largest dating device that has an approximately half-billion member base
  • Standard members enjoy extensive features which include chatting, communication, video interaction, and uploading photos
  • Photo verification system keep the scammers and fake account out of the site
  • Explicit photos are excluded or blurred during messages
  • Badoo is a safe and secure dating platform with a female-friendly community
  • Matches are located in the vicinity for better interaction and personal meetup
  • Young adults can find casual relationships and hookups on the dating platform
  • Some features of Badoo need some improvement
  • The site is not suitable for long term relationships
  • The profile system is not comprehensive

How Does It Work?

Badoo was launched in 2006 and has progressed at a fast pace in the years after. It’s one of the best social dating services that offer a rapid pace matching system to meet new people based on preferences. The influx of daily sign-in on the site is about 300 thousand and about 60 million active users.

According to the estimate of 2019, Badoo has reached about 410 million members. As an international dating service, the site has gained popularity in 190 countries and is available in about 47 languages. You don’t have to spend an eternity creating your account or profile on Badoo. Everything is fast forward to provide the best potential matches.

Badoo is available on both websites and apps. However, the mobile app is more convenient for members as the matches are based on location. Users can also use the browser version of the site on their smartphone. An unsaid truth about Badoo that most of the members are looking for either fling, hookups, or casual dating. Its audience is mostly young adults or older teenagers. However, the site also has members in their late 30s looking for a committed relationship.

Does the site work? Is it legitimate? Andrey Andreev, the CEO of Badoo, proudly claims that about 91,000 members delete the app every week because they found their soulmate or partner on the dating platform. They no longer feel the usage of the site or app. Badoo Offers splendid free features, but their premium membership gives valuable experience to the members.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Badoo is a versatile dating service available both on a dating website and mobile app. The app is readily available in the virtual stores of iOS and Android. To sign up for the dating service, install their app or visit their dating site. Members are given two options to create an account. They can either register through their social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn or by email address.

If you are signing up through your app, you have to provide your phone numbers or link your account with the social media profiles. Most of the users opt for the Facebook option for quick registration. All your data is imported from your account without any issue. If you opt for the phone number or email address, you must provide some necessary information to complete the registration process.

The information you need to provide for the registration includes your gender, first name, and email address with your password. You can also upload your image from your device or import it from your social media profile. Photo verification is required to authenticate the identity of the members.

How does Badoo verify members’ identity through photos?

The dating site has a smart system of photo verification. The site suggests a pose, and you have to match it as accurately as you can. It’s convenient that it includes your hand and face only. Please take a picture from the Badoo app and upload it to the site. You will be verified in a short while.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

Once you complete your sign up procedure on Badoo, the first step to find a match is to complete your profile. Most of your profile fields are not mandatory, but it’s recommended to complete the details to get better matches. You can choose selective portions to complete or activate the Profile Boost feature, which will solve your dilemma and choose the important question for you to fill.

The information required to provide on the site includes.

Photos and Videos

Members can add one more picture to their profile, either uploading from the device or importing them from social media profiles. You can also add video, which will make your profile impressive. Make sure your photos are according to the term and conditions of the Badoo dating site. Any explicit or obscene picture will be rejected automatically.

Work and Education

You can add your job title, education, history, and profession.


Type your city name, or the easiest way is to share the current location through the app.

What I honestly want

Mention your reason to register on the dating website. Are you looking for new friends, dating partners, casual relationships, or a long term relationship?


This section includes ample interest from which you can choose as many tags as you want. You have a long list of attractions, including food, music, fashion, travel, etc.

About Me

Describe yourself in 1000 characters. Make sure your description is interesting and creative.

Relationship Status

Your options are single, taken, don’t know, or it isn’t simple.

Sexual preferences

Mention your sexual preference for better matches. You can select lesbian, straight, bisexual, ask me, or don’t want to say.

Physical Appearances

To give members a better picture of your physical appearance, mention your hair color, height, weight, body type, etc.


Describe your living situation, mention your children, smoking habits, drinking, etc.


If you comprehend more than one language or are looking for partners in a particular language, mention your preferred language.

Profile Qs

You can choose three questions to make them part of your profile so the visitors can answer them.

An exciting part of the Badoo profile system is you can view lookalikes of yourself. These are Badoo members that have similar profile details as you. Badoo has a scoring system for quality profiles. The higher score of your popularity, the better your visibility to features like Encounter, People nearby, and Live.

Profile Interface


Badoo offers different methods to search and find matches on the dating platform. The first feature is Badoo Encounters. It’s a swiping game that shows users one profile at a time with little information. When you find a match, press the heart icon; if you are not interested, click on the cross icon. It’s more fun when played on the app.

Badoo introduces fantastic messaging features. Badoo doesn’t wait for mutual interests or other people to initiate contact. Every member gets two chances to get the attention of their potential matches; if they succeed, they can chat unlimitedly.

Besides text messages, Badoo offers Badoo Live. It’s a fantastic feature where members get to host live streams. It’s free to access for all members to watch. The audience can also send virtual gifts to the hosts, which will help boost their score. It’s an easy way to gain popularity on the dating platform through a feature that has nothing to do with the dating aspect of the site. Still, it’s entertaining and keeps the audience engaged.


Members Structure and Activities

Badoo is most popular among the 20 to 35 age group who seek members to connect worldwide. The influx of monthly users on the website is about 60 million members. There is always a large sum of active members that are available to keep the website entertaining.

The site has a minimum of 300,000 new sign-ups every day, which means the dating site’s popularity increases each day. It’s an international platform connecting members across borders freely.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

The prime-age of active users on the website is between 25 and 35 years old. Most mature members on the site are looking for committed relationships, while young adults are more into casual relationships.

Sexual Preferences

Badoo has no qualms about the sexual preferences of its members. Members can freely search for matches that suit their sexual preferences — the dating site house straight, lesbian, bisexual, and gays members on site.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

Badoo is famous among various countries, which means the dating site has multiple races and ethnicities. You can search for members in specific races or connect with members without any race or ethnicity preference.

Religious Orientation

Badoo asks its members about their religious preferences at the time of profile creation. However, the site is not strict about any religious beliefs.

Religious Orientation

Badoo Dating Website Features

Badoo has some outstanding features that keep the members entertained and help them connect on a deeper level.

  • Members are allowed to view detailed profile information of each member.
  • Members can view the photos in large size by clicking on them.
  • Photos on the website could be rated.
  • The swipe game to get the best matches
  • Searching for your lookalikes is an excellent activity on the website.
  • Members can send crushes to show interest.
  • Adding profiles to the favorite list to keep their information safe
  • Members can share the profile summary on social media accounts.
  • Control to block or report any suspicious profile
  • Sending virtual gifts to members with credits
  • There are specific icons on the site for different purposes.
  1. The diamond icon is for premium members.
  2. The blue icon with the phone is for the app user.
  3. The green arrow is going up to show an increase in popularity.
  4. The green dot refers to online status.
  5. The blue icon with a checkmark indicates photo verification.
Badoo Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

Badoo offers various security measures to filter out fake accounts and scammers. The first to authenticate members’ identities are photo verification, where you have to copy the pose the site suggests by taking a picture from the Badoo camera. There is also a selfie feature to confirm members’ real profiles.

There is also a live video feature that enhances the dating experience and confirms members’ identity. Members can easily find the reality of other members by indulging in video chat sessions.

Is Badoo Legit or Scam Service?

Badoo has a vast audience of above 410 million at present. The dating website’s popularity is evident in its legit status.

Is Badoo Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

Badoo offers premium service for those who want to enjoy the dating site without any restriction. Members can also enjoy individual features by purchasing credits.

Badoo Premium

  • One Month: 12.99 USD
  • Three Months: 31.99 USD
  • Six Months: 47.99 USD

Badoo Credits

  • 100 Credits: 2.99 USD
  • 550 Credits: 9.99 USD
  • 1,250 Credits: 19.99 USD
  • 2,750 Credits: 39.99 USD

Free Membership

  • Registration
  • Creating profile
  • Sending text messages to others
  • Posting a comment on profile photos
  • Using Nearby filter to search members
Free Membership
  • Increase in visitors and messages
  • Ranking as featured in search
  • Sending virtual gifts along with messages
  • View the members who liked you
  • Using incognito mode
  • Undone your recent No vote in the Encounter feature
  • View people who added you to the favorite list
  • View the most popular Badoo members list
  • Receive your messages highlight
  • Purchase sticker packs
Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

Badoo displays a simple and easy to navigate website interface. It’s similar to a social media profile, like Facebook. The purple and white color scheme of the website are refreshing and look cool. The profile interfaces of the members are detailed and look good. The website’s accessibility is outstanding; you can easily navigate from one feature to another in seconds. Most of the features are available on the side menu, while the others are in the main menu. Overall the website layout is easy to understand for all members.

Mobile Application

Badoo mobile app is an outstanding addition to the Badoo family. The majority of members feel comfortable in using the app. It allows instant access to all features and a chance never to miss any notification or message. The quality and functionalities of the app are identical to the website.

Contact Information

Company: Badoo Trading Ltd

Address: London, GB (HQ)

12th Floor, Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose St

Phone: not available

Email: [email protected]


Badoo is a fantastic dating platform that provides exceptional features and functionalities to its vast member base. The site’s spectacular performance is the reason it attracts such expansive audiences from all over the world. If you want to experience an outclass dating experience, Badoo will never disappoint you in terms of dating services.

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