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Even under normal circumstances, dating is hard enough as it is! With a global pandemic thrown into the mix, dating has become even trickier—and here is where Tagged comes into the mix.

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While the coronavirus outbreak has changed the face of dating, it does not mean that you have to put your relationship goals on hold. Whether you are looking for a partner for a simple stroll through your local park or chat for hours via text messages or video chats, online dating could be the answer you are looking for. After all, when everyone is staying at home, where else can you find a meaning and deep companionship than on the Internet.

During this lockdown period, more and more of us have turned to these dating apps. Even on a typical day, dating apps still play a crucial role in our lives. For instance, there are social sites like Facebook that help us stay connected to our friends. Hence it is inevitable that we can use dating sites to run our love lives as well! Online dating apps have become the means to meet a new partner for people from all walks of life.

On the web, you will find many different online dating sites and apps that can help you find new people with whom you have some shared interests. However, which one of these sites is legit? While there is no clear answer to this question, one such site has managed to stand out of its peers – Tagged.com!

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What is Tagged?

Tagged is a dating site that allows you to meet new members and talk online. The dating site is straightforward to navigate and will help you look for members with shared interests within your location. Additionally, the platform also has some games that you can play with other members online.

In fact, Tagged is a social networking platform that is way older than other popular social network sites today like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. The platform debuted in 2004 and managed to survive Facebook’s growing domination on the social web.

In the last few years, Tagged has been named as one of the fastest-growing social networks for teenagers and hookups. Tagged was launched by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, graduates from Harvard. The two inventors had an idea to establish a commanding presence of users between the ages of 13-years and 19-years by providing a networking site, which was a bit different from other online community sites present.

Apart from merely helping its users stop repeating their real-life groups, the platform was made to help members look for new people with shared interests quickly. Originally, the site was intended to be used as a social networking site for teenagers only; however, it soon evolved into a quasi-dating platform. Tagged allows you to look through the profiles of other members and share virtual gifts and tags.

Member Structure

As mentioned above, Tagged started as a social networking platform for teenagers only, i.e., the user had to be between the ages of 13-years and 19-years to register as members here. However, the platform soon became a networking and dating site for users above the age of 18-years only. Today, the site claims to have more than 80 million registered users from around the world. After Tagged acquired Hi5 in 2011, the former absorbed more than 230 million users. This makes it one of the top social networking sites on the web, only behind names like Facebook and MySpace.

Users Age

Tagged was initially made for teenagers. Hence, it makes sense if you find a lot of teenagers on this site. About 11% of the users at Tagged are teenagers (above the age of 18-years). As far as sex distribution goes, you will find more male members (83%) than females (17%) in all age groups. Surprisingly, you will also find members above the age of 55-years at Tagged.

Sexual Preferences

It is safe to say that Tagged is LGBTQ+ tolerant. This means that you can meet people of all sexual preferences. You will find users that are straight, gay/lesbian, and bisexual here.

Race and Ethnicity

Tagged is an online social networking/dating site that has members from all around the world. Hispanics consist of 12% of the total user database. Caucasians cover up another 41% here while the platform is dominated by African-Americans, making up 42% of the current user base. This means that African Americans have the strongest engagement and retention at Tagged.

Religious Orientation

While there are no data that can confirm Tagged’s religious orientation demographics, it is safe to say that you will meet users from all types of religions today.

Age Distribution

Tagged initially set up its services for teenagers meeting other teens. However, there were reports of inappropriate content and criticism that forced the platform to review its policies. In October 2006, Tagged accepted users of all ages to increase its user database. Additionally, the user needs to be over the age of 18-years to register on the site. Members under the age of 18-years were kept separate from users over the age of 18-years, similar to Tinder for Teens. Also, users’ profiles within the age groups of 13- and 14-years could not be viewed by anyone above the age of 16-years.

According to the site, you will find more than 300 million users here. Tagged has a very colorful age demographic.

Out of these 300 million users, the highest percentage of users is between 35 and 44-years (19%). Next in line is the 45- and 54-years group, which comprises about 18% of the total user base.

As for millennials (between the ages of 18- and 24-years), they make up for 17% of the user base, while 13% consists of users between the ages of 25- and 34-years. Because Tagged has initially been a site catering to teenagers, you will still find teens (11%) using its services. The age group of 55+ years consists of 12% of the user database, which is quite strange because Tagged is marketed more towards the younger generation.

How to Register

Creating a profile in Tagged is very easy and fast. If you are using your desktop computer or laptop to create your account, you first need to navigate to the website. From here, all you need to do is provide some basic information like name, email address, sex, nationality, and a profile photo. Alternatively, you can also make use of your Google and Facebook credentials to create your Tagged accounts. The former requires minimal information. Whatever method you choose, it should not take more than a minute to set up your account.

For mobile users, you need to download the Tagged app on your smartphone devices and follow the steps mentioned above.

Once your account has been created, you will need to verify your profile. You need to head to your email inbox of the address you have provided. You will find the verification code; you need to copy and paste this verification code on the Tagged site. Once done, you will gain full access to your account.

After the account creation and verification, Tagged will redirect you to a screen to invite your friends to add you up from various platforms like Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. In the mobile version, it is quite easy to initiate this process accidentally. The invitations are sent via email on these platforms.

On both mobile and desktop platforms, Tagged will remain logged in and connected by default, unless you choose to sign out specifically.

Making Contact

Members at Tagged can send messages to one another, even without a premium membership. Unlike other dating platforms, Tagged is a site whose main agenda is not online dating. This means that your daily matches are not the primary thing you will see on your homepage. Instead, the feed looks similar to Facebook. It is updated by your friends’ posts, depending on how you have set your preferences.

Tagged is known to provide a wide range of interaction and communication methods that differentiate from other online dating platforms. Some include:

  • Chatting: This is the standard communication method that consists of both direct chatting and video called.
  • Ask Me: This is a feature where you receive or can send anonymous questions to get to know the other users better.
  • Live Video: The live video chat consists of video chat, live text chatting, and sending virtual gifts.

Match System

As mentioned previously, Tagged is not only about dating. It is one of the best platforms to find a friend, date, or love. Hence, you will not see any specific matching algorithm here. Instead, you will see a search criterion that includes:

Mail Dating Services: Quick Overview
  • The gender of the user
  • Age (in years)
  • The nation he/she is currently residing in
  • Location of the match (proximity)
  • Additional customization options

Tagged does not shy away from providing you with many search options to narrow down the search results.

When you use a particular filter, the platform will provide you with the list of all the registered members that meet the search criteria. If you find someone that manages to catch your attention, you can send them a free message and connect with them on the network. In this aspect, Tagged is quite easy and straightforward to use by providing the quickest way to find people that meet the same wavelength and interests as contacting them does not take more than a few minutes.

Profile Quality

The profile quality of Tagged is perfect for its intended target audience. Creating and editing your profile is so easy; additionally, you also have many choices that you can keep changing the looks of your profile for an entire year without having to repeat anything even once. Tagged allows its members to use their creativity and imaginations to run amok. If your account design is attractive, you will catch the attention of a lot of users.

Your profile picture is not a simple still photograph. You can put up an animated GIG that reflects your current mood or your overall personality. On the side display, you can even upload a video from YouTube.

Similar to other social networking sites, you can edit your profile as you see fit. You will be provided with a wide range of skins that you can set on your profile page. While most of the profiles here might be extremely brief, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your profile is accessible and interactive. For instance, you change the header and background color. The profile picture will remain visible to all types of accounts.

There are three types of skins that are widely popular among users:

  • Girly
  • Sports
  • Nature

The overall theme of your Tagged profile is the platform’s most attractive feature. Older members might find this feature similar to Friendster; however, Tagged is a much more interesting version of all the social media sites from the old days, and the quality is much better as well.

How To Fill Out a Profile

As mentioned above, creating a Tagged profile is extremely easy and fast. Once you have landed on the website, you will not find any type of waiting period. From the moment you sign up, everything will move at a lightning-fast speed.

First, members need to type down their valid email address, and the site will send out a verification mail for identity authentication. Alternatively, you can also make use of your Google and Facebook accounts for registration.

Next, the sign-up process is fast. You need to upload one profile picture and provide information like name, sex, email address, and location.

With these alone, your Tagged profile will be created. You need to copy-and-paste the unique verification code in your email inbox to access the social networking site. After you create your account, you will browse your feed, send messages to your friends, and play virtual games.

After you successfully create your account, you can edit them whenever you feel like. Completing your profile will provide a good insight into your personality and life to your friends.


There are a lot of good things to say about this social networking/dating site. Here are just some of the many upsides of Tagged that are worth knowing:

  • Tagged offers you a lot more open experience than other social networking sites like Facebook. It offers the opportunity to connect and meet with new friends more easily.
  • You will find a lot of sections in your profile that you can customize like dreams, interests, books, sports, sports, music, TV programs, layout skins, and widgets.
  • By tapping on the Friend’s View on the web version, you can see how your profile looks to your friends.
  • You can see the posts updated by your friends on your home feed and like and comment on them.
  • Thanks to games like ‘Pets,’ you can easily make new friends.
  • You can use the ‘Meet Me’ tab for dating and matches to play the matching game found on Tinder on the web version and the mobile app.
  • You have the option of customizing the profile URL of your Tagged account.
  • Similar to Facebook, you will see a ‘wall’ where your friends can leave your public messages.
  • You can check which members are online and whether you want to be seen online or not.
  • There are groups that you can join based on your interests and hobbies.
  • If you participate in surveys and complete specific tasks, you can earn ‘Gold’ to purchase virtual gifts for your friends.
  • If you want more ‘Gold,’ you can choose to upgrade to a VIP account automatically.

Mobile App

The official Tagged app can be downloaded for your iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you want to download the app, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Download Application

Download the official Tagged mobile app with the help of these steps:

  • Head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on whether you have an Android device or an Apple device, respectively.
  • On the Search bar, you need to type down Tagged. In most cases, the official app will be listed on the top of the search results.
  • Tap on the official app and then on the Download button; this will start the download process.
  • After the app has been downloaded and installed automatically, tap on the app to start.
  • If you are a new member, you will have to go through the registration process. To do this, refer to the steps mentioned in the previous sections.
  • For old members, all you need to do is tap on ‘Log in.’ You will be redirected to a new page where you have to type in your login credentials. Press on ‘Enter,’ and you will be directed to your profile page.

The Mobile App Interface

On the contrary to the web version, the Tagged mobile app feels more like a dating service. Additionally, you will see that the ‘Meet Me’ feature on the app is much better designed than the web version. Sadly, the customizable profiles with ‘skins’ are not available in the mobile app. You will see a white and clean background and the standard font being used in your profile and others.

Additionally, the functions are properly managed and arranged in the mobile app, unlike the site where the features might seem jam-packed. The mobile app has approximately 10 million downloads to date.

Design and Usability

The overall design of Tagged is quite cool. It is made to reflect the personality of young teens – cluttered, energetic, and jovial. The platform has a lot of things to offer to its wide range of users from around the world.

For a site that serves as a dating platform and a social discovery site, there are many things that users can do to keep themselves busy. For instance, there is no lack of games on your profile page. You will also be bombarded by constant updates and notifications about the games. The main feed is also where you will keep receiving regular updates about potential matches.

Tagged offers a lot of convenience for its online dating users like a large viewing area and more search options than other online dating sites. You also have the choice to customize your profile pages creatively and post a biography about yourself and your interests. Additionally, you also have the choice to upload media like photos, updates, links, and statuses.

Overall, the site has a very nice design. The layout is great and up to the set standards. All the highlights and features are packed nicely, easy to reach, and organized. Additionally, the design of the mobile app is attractive and up to the current trends. As mentioned above, the mobile app feels more like a dating app than the main website that gives off a more social-media-site feel.

Cost and Membership Prices

Tagged operates on two types of memberships – the Free and the VIP memberships. Both versions offer features. However, if you truly want to use the social media/dating platform, it is recommended that you opt for the VIP membership.

Free Services

The free membership offers you some decent features; in fact, it offers more free features than most other dating/social media platforms in the market today. Some of the free services include:

  • Creating and registering your profile
  • Browsing the profiles of other members
  • Get matches on Meet Me
  • Send messages to other members
  • Play Pets
  • Like and comment on posts

Fee-Based Services

On the other hand, the fee-based service includes all the above-mentioned features, in addition to a few more like:

  • Prioritized email support
  • Get in touch with new members
  • Check whether a member has read your message
  • Access to more popular members
  • View which members checked your profile
  • Check which member has ‘liked’ you

The pricing of the VIP membership are as follows:

  • One month: Total of US$9.99; US$9.99 per month
  • Three months: Total of US$20.97; US$ 6.99 per month
  • Six months: Total of $29.94; US$4.99 per month

There is also a credit system. The plans are as follows:

  • For US$5, you receive 2,500 Credits
  • For US$10, you receive 10,000 Credits
  • For US$20, you receive 25,000 Credits
  • For US$50, you receive 75,000 Credits
  • For US$100, you receive 200,000 Credits
  • For US$200, you receive 400,000 Credits

Some payment methods that you can use include:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Mobile Phone
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

Key Features of Tagged

There are many key features of Tagged. However, there are two that stand above the rest:


Basically, Luv is gifts that you receive from someone, or you can gift to others. You receive ten LUV each day, and sending/receiving them will earn you points. If you gift someone a LUV, they get an additional LUV that they can give to someone else. When you keep receiving the LUV, you will see that your profile picture’s bar below keeps increasing. As you keep receiving LUV from other members, the fuller the bar gets. If you want bragging rights to show how loved or popular you are on the platform, you can show them the LUV bar.


Pets is a game on Tagged that allows you to trade with other Tagged members. You can be bought and sold as well. Your starting value is 12 million Qd, the in-game currency unit. While you choose to purchase other members for 0.01 Qd, it will also be easier for others to buy those members from you. As you keep increasing the number of ‘pets,’ your overall value keeps increasing, and you start to receive cash bonuses. If some other member has purchased you, your value increases by 10%. This is just the basics of the game. Overall, it is a trading game, and your value starts to fall if you become inactive in the game.

There are also two discovery features on Tagged. The first one will list friends who are around your immediate vicinity. The second discovery feature is the swiping model of other dating sites like Bumble and Tinder. Here, you will be shown a list of profiles that you can swipe left to pass or right to like. If both members end up liking each other, a communication link will be established between both users.

Safety & Security

Tagged is quite a secure and safe social media and dating site. If you need to report someone’s photograph or profile, all you need to do is tap on the ‘Report Abuse’ button on the top left corner of the profile. You can also report abuse on your messages in your inbox, replies to your comments, comments on your pictures, etc.

After you have reported abused the user, you need to select the type of abuse you have encountered, write down additional information (optional) and tap on ‘Submit.’ Once done, the team at Tagged will investigate the claim without any delays. If you feel a particular member is troubling you, you can even block them.

Tagged is doing a lot of things to ensure that the platform stays safe like:

  • Applying clear and strong standards
  • Thorough monitoring
  • Effective monitoring and moderation
  • Strict codes of conduct and age limits
  • Continuous screening for sexual predators and offenders

Is Tagged Legit Or Just a Scam?

Tagged is quite a legit online social media/dating site. It uses a combination of human interaction and technology to ensure that security protocol is being followed. Additionally, the platform also makes use of algorithmic textual analysis that is designed to spot violations; for instance, this algorithm will reveal whether the age of a particular profile is accurate or not.

Additionally, Tagged also makes use of 360 X-Industry Hack, one of the most groundbreaking tools made by Microsoft, to combat online child sexual exploitation. This tool is used by other big names in the industry like Twitter, Google, and Facebook.


Several online reviews support that Tagged is, indeed, a legit and safe social networking and dating site. It has been around for way longer than its more popular peers today, like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

Many reviewers had to say that Tagged is responsible for a lot of friendship and love in their lives. Tagged makes use of all precautions to ensure the safety of its users. It is also fitted with features and games that you will definitely enjoy.

Contact Information

Contacting Tagged’s customer support is very forthcoming and easy. As mentioned previously, report abusing a profile is easy, as is blocking any user. However, if there are some serious concerns that you want to resolve, you can get in touch with the customer care agents via email. Alternatively, you also can call up the agents if there is a dire situation, and you cannot wait for the agents to read and respond to your mail. All the contact details are displayed on the bottom of the site. Many previous users would agree that Tagged takes that walk the extra mile to ensure that all your queries and doubts are solved.


From the above, it is understandable that Tagged is one of the top and most experienced dating/social media sites today. Today, it is tough to survive Facebook’s era when sites like MySpace and Friendster did not. However, Tagged managed to overcome all the challenges and is one of the biggest networking sites in the market today. The platform managed to combine social media and dating into one, something many sites are unable to do. Overall, Tagged is a great platform that is safe, fun, and happening!

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