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Dating platform that connects its members without asking for a dime.

BookOfMatches Overview

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  • BookOfMatches is a free dating some with no hidden fee or costs
  • The site offers various communication mediums
  • Members can see other user score based on their activity
  • Robust security measure and efficient customer support team
  • The member base of the dating platform is small
  • The interface of the site is outdated

How Does It Work?

Are you looking for a free dating website? BookOfMatches is an outstanding dating platform that connects its members without asking for a dime. It’s refreshing, right! No more premium membership fee, purchasing features, or communication barrier. You can avail all the features as free members now.

The site not only advertises itself as a free dating website but also keeps its word. Even as a free dating website BookOfMatches gives priority to its members’ safety and privacy. The site has an innovative feature called Quality Membership Score for all members. The features or technology will evaluate your activity on the website, such as which features you are using and how you’re using them, etc.

The score range of Quality Membership Score starts from zero and goes to 100. It gives ample space for each member to have a quality score. The score of each member is displayed on their profile page, available for every member to see. If you can score the perfect 100%, the site will reward you with a certified seal for being a quality member. The seal will be displayed on your profile picture and boost your credibility on the website.

There are also some perks of the certified seal: you get some forum and message privileges. You can share your personal contact information with other verified seal members.

How to boost your quality score?

  • Increase your photo post number
  • Send more message to other users
  • Complete your profile

BookOfMatches are available in a handful of countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. The main reason for its restricted access is it’s only available in the English language at present. Hopefully, the site will expand in the coming years.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registration of the BookOfMatches is easy and straightforward, with some necessary information to be filled in the form. You can begin the process by providing your username, email, and password.

Once you are done with the basic information, you have to fill out a questionnaire regarding:

  • Profession
  • Location
  • Physical appearance

You can define yourself in a brief bio that will be displayed in your profile. A noteworthy point is if you get an error when you add your city, open the Find Your City tab and look for your city on the list. If your city is not accessible in the list, choose the closest to your location. You cannot move on to the next step without filling in this information.

When you are done with the questionnaire, you can upload your profile picture now or later in the profile section. The profile pictures require some rules to follow and need to be verified by the moderators.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

Profiles are an integral part of any dating website, and members prefer complete profiles. It’s recommended to fill in all the information required. It will increase your credibility and boost your viewership.

Members can’t know what you look like only by a face, which they can see in your profile picture. Our mind is an artist who drafts an image through information. Describe your physical attributes to give an idea about your appearance to your audience. Fill in information about your height, body type, weight, eye or hair color, etc.

It would help if you mentioned your current relationship status. You can choose to be single, married, in a relationship, separated, divorced, etc. Additionally, you have to say what kind of relationship stare you are seeking on the BookOfMatches platform.

Mention your profession as many people look for someone with similar business or education. You can mention your income if you feel comfortable. If you are earning a hefty amount, go ahead, boost it.

If you are looking for dating partners in your vicinity, mention your current location and the residence country so the site can find matches accordingly.

A headline will be displayed on top of your profile and will be the foremost text your visitors will see. It should be a short and concise answer. It would help if you answered your first question asked from a date.

Once you are done with the personal questions part, it’s time to add some essay type answers. In the Essay category, you can answer twelve questions with extended answers ranging up to a thousand words. Mention your hobbies, interest, and your preferences for the potential match.

You can answer 20 more questions with yes, no, or sometimes. These questions have a variety of topics such as hobbies, children, politics, religion, sports, music, likes or dislikes, etc. Answer as honestly as you can to find the best potential matches on the site.

A profile picture is a must for any profile, and without a profile picture, you won’t get any visitors. Members are allowed to upload up to 3 pictures of themselves only. Profile pictures are also rated by other members.

A unique feature of the BookOfMatches profile is the Profile Scrapbook. You can create a personal scrapbook with pictures that depict your life story. You can upload up to 14 photos and write a caption or description with each picture. You can also customize each image as desired and set the privacy setting to public or private.

Profile Interface


BookOfMatches offer various communication channels and matching suggestions. To have an impression of what you expect in terms of communication and matching, read the review further.

It’s good to mention that all these features are free and available for all members.

Matching System

BookOfMatches have a robust matching algorithm. The potential matches are suggested based on the preferences and information provided in the profile.

Favorite list

If you are interested in a member’s profile, add them to your favorites so they don’t get lost in the sea of profiles. You can easily find them later to have some conversation.


You cannot only send simple messages on the dating platform. There are forums functional on the website where you can participate in discussions. You can ask questions, seek relationship advice, discuss music, sports, politics, etc.

Personal Blog

You can create a blog on a dating website to post your thoughts and encourage others to post their opinions.

Instant Messaging

Members can use instant messenger to chat with online or active members.

Audio and Video

As a free dating platform, BookOfMatches have some impressive features that are available as paid on other websites. Audio and video chat features are available on the dating platform to get to know members on an intimate level.

Private Messages

There are also private messages which you can receive as well as send to the members. They are linked with your email, and you have the decision power to reply or not.


Wink is the quickest form of communication on the dating platform. Click on the Wink tab, and the recipient will get to know that you show interest in their profile.


Members Structure and Activities

BookOfMatches does not have a huge member base currently, but it’s increasing every year. Thousands of members have success stories to share where others have positive remarks. The members on the site are quite active, with both genders in equal share. The gender proportion if the site is more of the male dominant.

BookOfMatches allow members from specific countries and cities only, which include:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

The eligibility criteria for registration on the dating site is 18 years old. Members below this age limit are not allowed to join the site. There is not a specific age range for active members.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

The sexual preference of the site is in variety. You can find straight, gay, lesbian, and all types of sexual orientation on the site. Members are looking for relationships in the long term, short term, casual, and friendship.

Race and Ethnicity

BookOfMatches is not an international dating platform. However, the members on the site are of multiple races and ethnicities. You will find members of different races and connect with them according to your preferences.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

BookOfMatches is not a religious dating platform and has no restriction on members’ religion or faith. However, members have an option to prefer matches based on their religious beliefs.

BookOfMatches Dating Website Features

BookOfMatches has many features that engage the members in productive communication. The site’s extensive profile system and the creation of scrapbooks with photos and captions are some highlights. However, there are some features that are part of making the dating platform exceptional.

Let’s start with the search feature of the dating website. You can search members on the basis if distAnce, age range, gender, and relationship status. Do you have an option to search for members based on their lifestyle, such as whether they smoke or drink? You can also search only those members who have public profiles.

You can browse other members’ profiles without any limit and view their pictures that have public access. The site also offers some unique communication mediums like instant chat, forums, blogs, audio messages, video conversations, text messages, etc.

The rating system of the profiles is a plus point that encourages members to participate in activities on the site. You can view your friend’s activities in the Friends section.

BookOfMatches Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

BookOfMatches is a free dating platform, but unlike other freebie services, it has a robust security system. The objective of the site is to provide open interaction in a secure environment. You can block or report profiles from future contact. You are allowed to view members’ profiles in incognito mode. The customer support team of the website is helpful and available 24/7

Is BookOfMatches Legit or Scam Service?

BookOfMatches is a legit dating platform based on its positive feedback and testimonies. The features and verification system make sure fake profiles and scammers remain out of the dating service’s boundary.

Is BookOfMatches Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

BookOfMatches not only let you register for free but provide all the features and functionalities without spending a single dime. There is no option for upgrading your membership as there is no upgrade available. All the members on the site have access to all features. You don’t have to encounter any hidden costs or fees at any point.

Free Membership

  • Registration
  • Creating an extensive profile
  • Adding friends to the favorite list
  • Use search filters to find potential members.
  • Using instant messenger to chat with online members
  • Audio, video, and text messaging facilities
  • Sending ice breaker
  • Creating personal scrapbook
  • Taking a personality questionnaire
  • Participating in forum
  • Creating personal blogs
Free Membership

BookOfMatches don’t have any premium subscription, which means there are no separate features for members. All the features are available for all users equally.

Website Design and Usability

BookOfMatches is an outstanding dating website that offers all features for free. The interface of the dating service is simple and easy to use. The color theme of the desktop version is blue, white, and pink. The website’s homepage displays beautiful pictures of female members, which is quite appealing to the users.

The navigation of the site is user friendly and does not need tech knowledge to understand the layout.

Mobile Application

All the impressive features of the dating website, but currently, it lacks a mobile app. However, if you are a mobile app kind of member, you can efficiently operate it on your smartphone browser. The features and functionalities of the browser are identical to the desktop version.

Contact Information

Company: Bookofmatches

Address: not available

Phone: not available

Email: [email protected]


BookOfMatches is a fantastic online dating platform that connects members through a plethora of features without any cost. You can enjoy multiple communication and matching options without upgrading your membership. It’s a refreshing dating service in the moneymaking dating industry. If you want to try some free impressive features dating service, BookOfMatches is a must to give a try.

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