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Chemistry is the most popular and highest rated dating website to meet new people and help find perfect partners. If you once go through this article, you might come to know about all the information about this website.


Chemistry Overview

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  • Chemistry is a leading dating site in the niche of Christian dating
  • The profile interface contains many details, and you can apply them as criteria during the search
  • There are hardly any fakes
  • Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist, human conduct analyst, and relationship master, has contributed to the development of the site's matching system
  • The registration is comprehensive because you have to choose the options from the drop-down menus
  • You cannot see the person’s profile information until receiving a match with them
  • There are no Chemistry apps
  • The profile setup process takes at least twenty minutes because it requires you to provide various personal details

How Does It Work?

Chemistry is the brainchild of Match.com, a debut internet dating web page with clients worldwide. During its operation in October 2005, the web-based dating wasn’t as natural as it is today. Most matches led to casual hookups that were no superior to arranged meetings. Match.com made this new site to show that science is an essential factor with regards to profound connections. The site’s character evaluation matches clients according to the scientific data calculated about them. In case you believe that love is chemistry between two people, this dating site will be for you.

Chemistry has been providing services for Christian singles in particular. There is a specific incline towards religious dating on the site. Starting from the earliest stages of its operation, Chemistry has helped singles who are not kidding about finding significant connections for the rest of their lives.

What makes this site so inventive? That would be Dr. Helen Fisher, an American anthropologist and human conduct specialist who has been studying human behavior for more than 30 years. Notwithstanding her work as a teacher at Rutgers College, Match hired Dr. Fisher to help create Chemistry. The site uses hormone-based and character-based coordinating frameworks. This service matches people on a profound individual level, utilizing Dr. Fisher’s most recent research results.

How Does It Work

Sign-Up & Login Process

Joining Chemistry will require some time. You have to provide your email, birthdate, and postal code to create an account. However, to fill it out, you have to give more details and pass the extended character test consisting of more than 20 questions.

You don’t have to give out your complete real name, as different clients can recognize you by your username. The character test is the bread and butter of the whole site. This test decides your character type, and the site’s algorithm needs it to match the corresponding people further. Most Chemistry users pass the test, and you should, too, if you want to be popular on the platform. Unless you let the site evaluate this data about you and leave it blank, others will consider you a fake.

In contrast to other dating sites, you can see other profile photos of other users until you receive a match with them. The site puts a ton of accentuation on their users’ photos. You can upload up to 30 pictures, but they have to follow the rules. To ensure that the Chemistry moderators accept your photographs, you have to follow these rules:

  • Solo photographs are preferable. If there’s someone else with you on the picture, it has to be clear which one is you;
  • No nakedness or transparent garments;
  • No copyrighted pictures;
  • Photographs cannot uncover individual data, such as vehicle licenses, road signs, business names, and sweeps of organization/school ID. Fundamentally anything that can endanger the client’s life and identity;
  • No photographs of people participating in illicit acts like medication use, brutality, and indecency;
  • No pictures with hostile hand motions, or anything that the moderators regard hostile to one’s religion, race, nationality, and political connection.

New users can register for free, but to communicate, they will have to pay. All people can pass the personality assessment test for free. The Chemistry four-section survey commences with a “My Character” segment, which includes numerous decision-making tasks, and questions where you have to choose pictures (like picking which drawing looks most like your doodling style, or which hand looks most like your hand).

Three additional areas follow: “About Me,” “About My Match,” and “In My Own Words.” The primary spreads standard data about appearance and way of life, including eye color, body type, faith, height, and job. “About My Match” takes on similar subjects as “About Me,” however, requests you to portray who you’re searching for. The last fragment, “In My Own Words,” contains a free text field where you should enter the self-description sized 200-2000 characters.

To show the interest in someone, hit one of three tabs — “I’m intrigued, “Choose later,” or “Not so much.” Browse through the profiles in the exploration section and receive matches. After being matched to someone, you can open their full profile data.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

Chemistry users can upload up to 30 photos to their profile gallery. However, the moderators review them before posting. You can transfer any photograph to your collection as you wish, but the site will remove it if it doesn’t meet the requirements. Connecting your account to Facebook is also possible. People can add Facebook photos to their public gallery on this dating platform.

Despite being quite lengthy, the profile creation process is genuinely non-obtrusive and straightforward. The site requires many details to obtain the best quality of profiles and make the matching more accurate. Even though you can’t generally control what individuals see and what they don’t with regards to your face, it doesn’t contain any useless data. The interface consists of the necessary fields. Your Chemistry profile tells more about who you are as an individual. You speak about your expectations, your inclinations, and what you search for in another.

Most inquiries on the evaluation tests contain explanations. You can repass it whenever you want or edit your profile data at any time. Other details that people can add to their profiles incorporate their political views, religion, nationality, marital status, number of kids, and siblings.

Profile Interface


Reaching out to people on Chemistry happens through messaging. There is a specific scientific assessment behind the individual matching and user search on this site. You get five automatic matches per day and can browse through them to express sympathy. This number is not significant, but the evaluation behind the matching is accurate, and you should remember that the site takes into account your character compatibility.

The site makes starting a discussion more superficial with Message Thoughts. Every client can set 4 inquiries that different clients can reply as a method of breaking the ice. If you are too shy to send an icebreaker, you can “tease” someone by sending them a flirtation. You can see whoever likes you or has sent you a flirtation. There is a chatroom, but sending messages is not free.

If you don’t enjoy the site’s included matches, you can extend your search and matching possibilities by upgrading the membership. You can decide to look through all clients or cut off your inquiry to all clients presently on the web. The filters you can apply while searching for the Chemistry users:

  • age;
  • area;
  • height;
  • nationality;
  • smoking/non-smoking;
  • body type;
  • zodiac sign;
  • marital status;
  • several kids.

Even though the Chemistry site offers text messages (no video chats), you do not need more to get to know people profoundly. Receive matches based on scientific compatibility and break the ice with people using the ready messages.

Members Structure and Activities

This dating site is suitable for the representatives of different religious confessions and people from the LGBT-specter. The community here is open to everyone. However, if you are looking for quick sex, this option will not suit you. Most users want to build serious relationships.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

People in their 30’s and 40’s who are searching for a genuine relationship or marriage make up the majority of the user base.

Sexual Preferences

The site appears to support mature and genuine clients over more youthful people searching for entertainment only and easygoing meetings. Chemistry will not be suitable for seeking a hookup. The lion’s share of individuals is searching for genuine relationships and marriage.

Race and Ethnicity

75% of the user audience is people from the US (approx. 250,000+).

Religious Orientation

Most Chemistry users are Christians. You can surely meet people of other confessions or atheists. If you prefer religious dating, this one’s for you.

Chemistry Dating Website Features

The webpage empowers the wellbeing of its users and gives security tips in their supportive articles. Because it is a part of a global dating network, you will have your profile accessible for all sites under the Marriage Minded People group.

One of the more remarkable parts of the Chemistry profile is The Stream, which contains match options and their activity. At the point when someone gets your attention, you can send a wink or express your attraction with a message. So that others see you in their news stream, please update your profile, add a photograph, or react to a Stream question when it shows up.

Another component that makes Chemistry stand out is the character types. Every user receives their status from one of the four character types — Traveler, Chief, Moderator, and Manufacturer. To get yours, you should pass a test.

Chemistry portrays the four categories of people this way:

  • Travelers: unconstrained, innovative, receptive;
  • Chiefs: definitive, engaged, autonomous;
  • Moderators: creative, sympathetic, supporting;
  • Manufacturers: social, faithful, trustworthy.

After the test, you get an itemized breakdown of your character type, how you identify with others, and what type is generally the best match for you. When you see the person corresponding to these requirements, you can send one of the Starters:

  • Fortune Cookie: Crack open a fortune treat. Portray how it applies to your life and contrast and your match.
  • 5-Card Sort: How do you two stack up? Select a class and afterward sort the cards.
  • Love it or leave it: See the photos and swipe to like or dislike.
  • Relationship Essentials: Are you and your match looking for similar attributes in a potential candidate?

Chemistry Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

VeriSign ensures your safe browsing on the site. It implies a protected association secures the client’s interface. In contrast to different sites, Chemistry doesn’t expect clients to unveil a ton of personal data during enrollment. The service uses similar web references that most sites use. Whatever individual data that the site accumulates from everybody aims to improve the site’s usability. In case you’re not happy with the site gathering your user data, you can quit.

Is Chemistry Legit or Scam Service?

Compatibility and science are the working principles of Chemistry. Most dating services focus on the mechanic evaluating people’s similarity, yet the Chemistry Matchmaking framework intends to help you discover both of these components. You can be sure about the effectiveness of the site. It proves to provide you with the most accurate matches for free. This dating community is not a scam.

Subscription Types and Price

The essential features every dating site provides are matching and messaging. Chemistry focuses on evaluating your personal qualities and offers you to pay if you want to contact your perfect matches. This choice is fair, and you pay for the quality.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

What you can do for free:

  • Create an account;
  • Pass the character evaluation test;
  • See your profile visitors;
  • Send winks and four free Message Starters.

What features you should pay for:

  • Exchanging messages;
  • Adding people to the list of favorites;
  • Getting a professional to fill out the profile for you;
  • Seeing who has liked or flirted to you;
  • Personalized profile interface.

Chemistry subscription costs:

  • One month for $ 35;
  • Three months for $ 65;
  • Six months for $ 75.

Website Design and Usability

The site works to make their dating connections last and applies science to match two individuals. You do not have to try real hard; the site is extremely user-friendly. Dedicate half an hour to create an account and pass the test — then, Chemistry will do the job for you. The webpage wants to cultivate this science even in an internet dating setting by coordinating individuals with viable character types, interests, and inclinations.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

There is no Chemistry application for iPhone and Android, yet its site is responsive over all stages.

Contact Information

  • Company: People Media
  • Address: PO Box 12627 Dallas TX 75225 USA
  • Phone: (866) 727-8920
  • Email: [email protected]

Mobile Application


Chemistry introduced a new approach to dating. This one is not your regular meeting platform. Suitable matches, assessing character types, different niches like Christian or homosexual dating make this site stand out. It tries hard to provide you with the most accurate partners. You can join Chemistry at least to find out more about your hidden personality attributes.

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