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  • The procedures of registration and account creation are simple and take little time to be done
  • The app has an attractive layout
  • Users can get access to the FuckMarryKill app on their Android devices
  • You will enjoy playing the game "Fuck, Marry, Kill"
  • A lot of features are available to free members on this app
  • Even the cost of paid membership is comparatively cheaper than its alternative dating apps
  • The user base is active and spontaneous
  • IOS users cannot access the app
  • No desktop version is available to the members
  • You usually need an Instagram or Facebook account to sign up on this app
  • The app does not offer many payment options to its users
  • No search option is available for the members. Therefore, you can only find suitable partners according to the matchmaking system
  • If you are looking for serious relationships, this app is not ideal because most of the members are here for a fun experience

This review provides detailed research about the fun dating app FuckMarryKill. This Android dating app was established to recreate the experience of online dating through an exciting game. Though it is not a dating app to find serious relationships, you will not have an enjoyable time on this platform due to its young members and fun features. After being launched in 2018, the app has established itself as a popular dating app within a short time.

Is it fascinating to be on FuckMarryKill? Is it worthy enough to get a premium membership? This review will give answers to all your questions so that you can make your decision freely.

FuckMarryKill Review

How Does It Work?

FuckMarryKill works a bit differently from other dating sites. After successfully signing up on this site, you will need to play a game to get your match. You will be given three profiles at a time. Out of these three profiles, you need to vote whom you want to marry, whom you want to kill, and whom you want to fuck. If two members vote for each other in a similar category, then a match is established. Once you are matched with someone, you can communicate with him or her via messages. The matchmaking procedure is excellent on this app.

The app is free of pop-ups, lags, and glitches, so every user will have a pleasant dating experience. However, FuckMarryKill is not accessible on desktop or iPhone devices. Only Android users get the opportunity to use this fun dating app.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

It is effortless and quick to sign up on FuckMarryKill. You can link your Instagram or Facebook account for direct registration on this app. During the registration process, the app automatically takes information from your Facebook or Instagram account to display your FMK profile.

Although members sign up using a social media account, FuckMarryKill does not upload anything on the members’ social media handles from their sides. The smooth registration process is preferable for all users. The sign-up process through Instagram or Facebook profile also ensures the genuine identity of the members.

You do not need a valid e-mail address to sign-up on this app. Also, the members will not need to upload any profile picture on their FMK profile picture because your FMK profile photo will be obtained from your linked social media account.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

As most of the members on FuckMarryKill want to have a fun experience, the profiles are not quite well detailed. However, the profile interface is divided into different sections. Members have the option to include their age, name, university or school name, location, etc.

Also, you can write a brief introductory paragraph about yourself. Due to the sign-up process through Instagram or Facebook, most of the essential information is taken from the social media accounts of the members. The FMK team goes through the profile before allowing it to be visible on the app. In case any inconsistent information is found, the account gets suspended or banned.

You do not need to add a different profile picture as the profile picture is taken from your Facebook or Instagram account. Due to the lack of details in the profile, payers choose each other according to the given profile picture. Therefore, the appearance of the profile picture plays an essential role in FMK dating. However, the criteria for choosing a partner are different for every individual.

Profile Interface


FuckMarryKill offers an exciting, matchmaking system. For people with a premium membership plan, there are several options to find their matches. Due to the absence of a search tool, users need to depend on the matchmaking algorithm to find their ideal date. If two users have matching votes, then a match takes place.

The premium members also get the additional opportunity to make their profile more visible in the app. Though the messaging feature is available for free, you can only send messages after being matched with them. However, premium members can send winks to express their liking to a fellow member even without a match. The uniqueness of FMK lies in the fact that you have the option t vote whether you want to fuck, marry, or kill the specific member for getting matched.


Members Structure and Activities

FuckMarryKill has a fast-growing user base that mostly consists of young adults. The app has more than a million members worldwide. The majority of the members on this app come to play games and having a fun experience. Not many of them are looking for serious relationships. The distribution of male and female numbers is almost equal.

Users Age

FuckMarryKill is an adult dating app. So, the user needs to be at least 18 years old to open his or her account on this dating app. The majority of members on this dating app fall between the age group of 20-30 years.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

People from all genders and sexual orientations can freely join on FuckMarryKill as there is no prejudice against a particular gender or sexual orientation.

Race and Ethnicity

The members of this app come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, you will have an exciting experience in this app because you will get the scope to communicate with different people. You will find people from Asian, American, African, and European origins on this platform.

Religious Orientation

No restriction is followed on FuckMarryKill according to religious identity. You can belong to any religious group. The members of this app are from different religious groups such as Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.

Religious Orientation

FuckMarryKill Dating Website Features

Your experience of an online dating app is incomplete with its advanced features. FuckMarryKill will provide you all the essential features that you can expect from a modern dating app. The distinct features that you will like using on this app include:

  1. Who Voted For You: Through this feature, you can view the members who have given votes for you on the app. If you can use this feature, you will find more members to chat.
  2. Send a Wink: By sending a wink, you can convey your interest to a member without even sending him or her a message.
  3. Boost Your Profile: This option allows you to enhance your profile’s visibility so that your profile can attract more votes. Also, your profile will get a higher rank on the search results.
  4. Power Vote: You can give all three members the same number of votes. This feature will help you when you are running out of votes.

Safety & Security

Despite being a fun dating app, FuckMarryKill takes care of every member’s safety. Data Encryption helps keep your financial and personal data secure from third-party users’ illegal intervention. The accounts are registered and verified through valid social media profiles. In case any member misbehaves or provides mismatched information, his or her account gets banned from the app. The members can contact customer service by submitting their issues through the form available in the “Contact Us” section.

Safety & Security

Is FuckMarryKill Legit or Scam Service?

On FuckMarryKill, all the accounts are registered and verified through valid social media profiles on Facebook or Instagram. Also, in any inappropriate activity, the suspected user’s account gets terminated from the app by the customer support team. Therefore most of the profiles tend to be genuine. However, you have to be careful about your interaction with fellow members. In case you come across any uncomfortable experience, it is better to block or report such users. Overall you can rely on FuckMarryKill as a legit dating app.

Subscription Types and Price

Though FuckMarryKill provides free membership, only paid members can access all the essential features of this dating app. There are different plans for paid membership. If you sign up for a long time paid membership, then the cost is a lot lesser than its alternative dating apps.

The plans and costs for premium subscriptions have been described in the following chart.

Duration Costs Total Amount
One week 5 EUR 5 EUR
One month 3 EUR 3 EUR
Three months 0.66 EUR/ Month 2 EUR

Also, you can purchase credits additionally to expand your movement on this dating site. The cost of credits is explained in the following charts.

Credits Cost/Credit Total Cost
10 Credits 0.35 EUR/ Credit 3.5 EUR
20 Credits 0.32 EUR/Credit 6.5 EUR
30 Credits 0.28 EUR/Credit 8.5 EUR

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

As a free member, your access to the features of FuckMarryKill is limited. Still, you can use the following features to have a good experience with this app.

  1. Like other dating apps, the procedure of creating an account is free of charge on this app as well.
  2. Free members can exchange messages with their fellow members.
  3. As a free member, you can send winks to the members you like on this dating app.
  4. You can also play the “Fuck, Marry, Kill ” game on this app.
  5. Free members can invite their friends to join this dating app.

Although you can access the dating app as a free member, a premium membership gives you better exposure to the features of FuckMarryKill. The features that can be accessed by a paid member include-

  1. Premium members can see the fellow members who have given votes to them.
  2. You can send winks to the members whom you find to be interesting.
  3. Premium members can boost and enhance the visibility of their profiles.
  4. As a premium member, you can get access to the option of Power Vote.

Website Design and Usability

The layout of FuckMarryKill is uncomplicated and user-friendly. Though the app uses bright colors and an eye-catching design, you will not find it too overwhelming. You will not face any difficulty navigating through the app because of the icons and taps used in the app to show the functions. The app works at a great speed and does not show the pop-up ads. Therefore, the user will not have an annoying experience on this platform. Unfortunately, FuckMarryKill cannot be accessed on a desktop. It is only accessible as a mobile application for Android users.

Mobile Application

The FuckMarryKill mobile app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store on your Android device. It is quite a user-friendly app that you can easily navigate. The app has an attractive design with bright colors like purple and pink. The appearance of FuckMarryKill is similar to the video game. Different icons and tabs are used to display different functions. Also, the app is not available for iPhone users. You will enjoy using the creatively designed app. You will not be able to use this app on your iOS devices.

Contact Information

  • Company: FuckMarryKill.com
  • Address: N/A
  • Phone: N/A
  • E-mail: N/A


At the end of this review, it can be stated that FuckMarryKill is not the ideal place to find long-lasting and serious relationships. However, if you are bored with your busy life and want to feel the thrill of online dating at an affordable price, there is no better option than FuckMarryKill.

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