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Grindr Overview

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  • Geolocation is used to find your dates
  • All the features are usable by free members too
  • Anonymity is respected
  • Live chat feature is available only for premium members
  • Ads keep coming
  • A considerable number of fake profiles
  • Not a place to find a partner for life
  • For the LGBTQ community
  • One single payment method

Grindr is a dating app for the Gay community which stormed the online dating market back in 2009. It was a revolutionary app because it is for Gay community people, and secondly, it has a location feature that lacked in other gay dating websites. This app not only encourages gay relationships; it tries to uplift and provides love and matchmaking for the LGBTQ community people.

The privacy and safety policies are quite strong after an incident took place. Generally, you need to mention your HIV status, which was earlier shared with other third party websites. These issues raised a question about members’ safety, and that is when Grindr took some actions and made sure that no information is shared with any third party app or website, Although the information will still be there.

The signup process, as mentioned below, is straightforward and takes a few minutes only. With all the fantastic features like tap, favorites, explore, and gaymoji, Grindr is rocking the LGBTQ dating platforms. It is available in different countries(190 countries) and various languages. It is one of the most trusted and popular LGTBQ online dating platforms.

Grindr Review

How Does It Work?

The working of the website is similar to any other dating app. Firstly, sign in to the website to start operating it. You need to provide your email address or your Facebook ID or your google ID to register yourself on Grindr. Fill up the necessary details, and you are good to go.

Matchmaking is very simple and effortless. Grindr uses the location facility to find your dates. Hence, once you search using your location, they will give you a list of probable matches in your locality. Match the profile and send interest or message to communicate. That’s it, the process of how Grindr works is relatively easy and straightforward.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up with Grindr is child’s play! Download the app from any store, either android or IOS. It takes about 1 minute for the approval of registration. You need to use your Facebook ID or your email to log in or register. Email verification is not required here on Grindr. You have to provide your necessary information like gender, age, relationship status, birthday, etc. This is the information needed. Once you provide this information, the platform will jump to one most important information, your location. Grindr uses the location service to find your dates near your locality. Even if you are not in your locality, you can use phone Geolocation to find out the Bi, Gay, Lesbian, transcend, or Queer members around you and set up a date for yourself.

Once you log in to the website or the app, add your profile picture for more attention and a little detail about yourself. You will see the sexual health section that also needs to be filled. It is the essential information and even the most read section!

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The profiles are beautiful but are very detailed, although you can see only the basic information. You can add only one picture at a time and, most importantly, edit your details anytime. The description includes:

  1. Your sexual preference
  2. Height
  3. Weight
  4. Body type
  5. Hair color
  6. Eye color
  7. Gender
  8. Your preferred position
  9. Your relationship status
  10. You are searching for

The information you provide in a description consists of your bio, and you are looking for. Another parameter for matchmaking is your status. You can find their social media links, which include Facebook or your Twitter handle. “Right now” in the profile means you are asking for a hookup.

Profile Interface


Communication in Grindr is straightforward. The first step for communication is creating a profile, and when you get suggestions for matches, send them messages. Every user’s first step is to send a picture to make the conversation attractive and heated up. Here, people generally come for one night stands, so it is common to heat a conversation even before the introduction. The messages you send have a feature similar to WhatsApp. You can see if your message is read or just received. You have filter options for your favorites. You can filter them out and start conversing.

You can make your conversation spicy by using emoticons available on Grindr. They have a unique package of emoticon names, “gaymoji,” download, and enjoy. Also, they have a basic categorization for members, hot, friendly, and looking. Send the one you like and start your journey!


Members Structure and Activities

Grindr has a whopping 27 to 30 million subscribers all over the world. Only 25% of them are from the US; you will find about 3.3 million active users daily, with 228 million messages sent daily with around 1 million users online! The countries that use Grindr mostly are Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Australia, and Hong kong. Most of the members are from the 25- 35 years of age, while 55 plus members are quite large in Grindr.

Users Age

To use Grindr, you need to attain your legal age of 18 years, which is universal, but in some countries are fewer. Follow the app’s user age rules and the country rules before becoming a member.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

Grindr started as a dating site for the gay community. Now, they have widened their spectrum and added all the LGBTQ community datings. You can be gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, or bisexual and become a Grindr member.

Race and Ethnicity

Grindr has members from various races and ethnicities. Hence, one can see they don’t have that discrimination or special allowance for any particular race or ethnicity.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

Grindr is a non-biased LGBTQ dating website. They don’t judge people based on religion.

Grindr Dating Website Features

Grindr has some unique features that make it one of the most popular LGBTQ dating websites. The features are:

  1. Favorites. You can add members as favorites, and this will help you search your lost favorite members from all the matches you have made.
  2. Explore options. The exploration helps to explore members who are outside your country. You can chat with them or even add them as your favorites.
  3. Gaymojis. This is an exciting feature. Here you will get various emoticons that will help you spice up your chats. Grindr has over 500 gaymoji, which are unique to the platform itself.
  4. Tap. Once you find a game icon, it means you are tapping on the chat button. You can request them, and if they accept your request, set the chat on fire!
Grindr Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

Grindr once faced security issues related to sexual health details. Other than the verification processes, they have the general Block and Report option too. You can stay invisible if you wish to. Hide your gallery from random matches or members. They might use third-party certification for complete authentication; this is mentioned in their privacy policies.

Is Grinder Legit or Scam Service?

100% legit LGBTQ dating website. Although many times there had been several reports about fake accounts, the authorities have been quite promising in removing those profiles as soon as possible. Grindr is legit because they have around 27 to 30 million users all over the world!

Subscription Types and Price

Even the basic plan will let you use each of the fantastic features even though you are a free member. For ad-free service, you should subscribe to Grindr’s Xtra plan, which is a 7-day free trial. The Xtra plan will let you view more profiles and add some extra features which free membership lacks. The subscription is auto-renewal. It will be renewed every month until you stop the renewal process. You may also choose the Xtra premium. You can browse up to 600+ profiles, and also you get discounts on membership prices. The plans are available for 1, 3, and 12 months options. For stopping your auto-renewal and subscription, you have to do it manually.

The subscription prices

There are two types of plans available for Grindr users. The basic plan is free to use.

Xtra plan for a Free 7-Day Trial

  1. You pay 13.00 USD/Month.
  2. You pay 9.40 USD for 3 Months, which will sum up to 28.20 USD in total.
  3. You pay 5.20 USD 12 Months, which will sum up to 62.40 USD in total.

Unlimited plan

  1. You pay 41.11 USD for a Month.
  2. You pay 20.39 USD for 3 Months, which will sum up to 61.17 USD in total.
  3. You pay 14.71 USD for 12 Months, which will add up to 176.46 USD in total.
Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

Most of the features are free and allow you to enjoy the basics of dating. The most fascinating is that Grindr has free messaging.

Free membership features

  1. Free account creation/profile creation.
  2. You can create group chats for free.
  3. Free members get a chance to explore anyone’s profile.
  4. You can get up to 100 matches in your free subscription.
  5. You can use basic search filters.
  6. Messaging is free and unlimited.
  7. You have an option to select one tribe. The description of the tribe is mentioned in the features section elaborately.

There are various plans available for a premium membership. If you wish to upgrade and get subscribed to a plan with multiple features, the premium plan is your savior.

Premium membership has some fantastic features:

  1. You can select up to 3 tribes.
  2. You can avail of ad-free services.
  3. You can now save and also send the chat phrases if you wish to.
  4. Get about 600+ matches.
  5. You can block as many profiles as you want. Also, add favorites to your list. Enjoy this in unlimited ways too.
Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The Grindr website and the mobile app are both attractive in every aspect. They are user friendly and specially designed for tech-savvy members. The color arrangements are beautiful. Grinder uses the location data to find you matches available at your location at the present moment. The usability of this feature is quite simple and easy to use. The website has some bots and third-party links that will direct you to a different website that can be harmful. Hence, you should be careful while clicking the links provided.

Mobile Application

The Grindr mobile application is available in the devices android and IOS. The mobile app has a very user-friendly interface. The design is effortless and straightforward. It’s straightforward to navigate into the app. They generally highlight the next event lined up for you. All the feature buttons like messaging, location, about, matches explore, etc., are placed at the screen’s bottom side. The unique features will help you find yourself a suitable date.

Contact Information

  • Company: Grindr
  • Address: LLC 750 N San Vicente Blvd West Hollywood, CA Computer Systems
  • Phone: N/A
  • Email: N/A


One of the revolutionary gay dating apps that are available in almost 190 countries globally. All the features and the crazy member number worldwide prove that Grindr is the best LGBTQ dating site. The safety and security features had been updated recently to provide better privacy. If you are searching for fun, go and try Grindr!

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