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  • The SingleMuslim website has a clean and classy interface;
  • Members are crystal clear about what they are seeking on the site;
  • It's available in all formats;
  • The site is respectful of Islamic values;
  • It's a dating platform that connects people following the traditional methods;
  • All the members are looking for long term relationships resulting in Nikah (wedding);
  • Members can interact through chat rooms;
  • Photos are verified for identification;
  • It has robust safety policies;
  • Availability of mobile apps with similar features and functions.
  • Limited access for nonmembers;
  • Women are given limited complimentary access.

How Does It Work?

SingleMuslim is a Muslim dating site founded by Adeem Younis to cater to the Muslims finding life partners. The dating platform successfully created the bond of marriage with a maximum of 10,000 members up to date. Users may also observe the site follow the Islamic teachings and cultural values strictly.

Muslim culture involves relatives and friends for finding a bride and groom. As a niche dating platform, SingleMuslim gives families and friends opportunities to create an account for their loved ones to find a Halal love. Your friends and families can find a partner for you, or you can find spouses for your friends and families as well.

The daily visitor’s influx of the site is a maximum of 40,700. The widely spread worldwide users are ensured to find the best matches that ultimately result in marriage.

After this short intro, let’s find out how SingleMuslim works so successfully in the dating world. Mostly all the feedback and reviews of the site are positive, and rarely members have anything negative to say about the site features and performance. The success stories on the site are testimony of the effective performance of SingleMuslim.

When it comes to following Islamic laws, SingleMuslim is on board in finding its members matches through traditional channels. The dating platform controls the friends and families to find the best matches for their loved ones. It also provides opportunities to the singles to seek their soulmate on their own.

SingleMuslim is never considered wrong or Haram by Muslims, which creates a trustworthy environment resulting in outstanding results. However, few seem to think that it’s not a Halal channel to find partners, but those are few exceptions.

SingleMuslim is a premium website and has limited access for its standard members. To have unlimited access, you have to upgrade your membership. Interaction with members is a privilege only Gold members can enjoy. However, standard members can browse profiles through extensive search filters.

The best testament to the site’s effective performance is that the mastermind behind this operation himself found the love of his life through SingleMuslim. What do better guarantee members need?


Sign-Up & Login Process

Unlike other dating sites with quick registration systems, SingleMuslim requires extensive information. As the site aims to connect members for marriages, the more information you provide, it increases the chances of finding the best potential matches. You need to be patient to go through the registration process, be sure it will be all worth it.

SingleMuslim does not offer Facebook signup for a quick route. You have to put all the required information on the form manually. The signup form contains the following information:

  • Creating a username;
  • Valid email address and confirming in the next field;
  • Current location;
  • Gender selection which includes man and woman;
  • Date of birth;
  • List the reason for registering on the site. You have a series of options in which you can select for whom you seek the partner for yourself, friend, son, daughter, niece, nephew, or both son and daughter;
  • Where did you hear about the site? Your options are google, yahoo, MSN, TV advert or family, and family.

SingleMuslim registration is a lengthy process. You need to add detailed information to log in for the site. After providing the necessary information, there are several sections with information about the members that include:

About me. You have to add a headline for your profile, a little description of yourself concisely and creatively. Information about what kind of partner you are looking for on the website and their qualities and interests you prefer.

Education level. You need to provide information about your education, profession along with first and second language.

Personal. There’s a long list of requirements in this category. The saving grace is that you only have to choose the options. You have to provide information about your citizenship and country of origin. Mention if you are willing to relocate locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. Your income and time expectation to get married, whether this, next, or in two years. State your marital status, the desire to have children, and the number of children. Describe your living arrangements -are you living with family, friends, or alone.

You need to provide info about your physical appearance, including height, body type, hair, and eye color. Mention if you smoke or not and any disability.

Religion. As a niche dating website based on religion, there’s a whole section dedicated to religion. Members have to mention how religious they are in their daily activities. Describe your sect, preference for hijab or niqab, and do you have a beard. State if you are revert, practice halal, and offer salah or prayers.

Personal information. This section is for office use only and includes necessary information like:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Country and city
  • Province or state
  • Contact information
  • Date of birth

Uploading photo. The last section of your registration is uploading photos from your device.

After completing the registration formalities, your password will be delivered to your inbox with your username.


Profile Interface

SingleMuslim allows members to create an account for their friends and families. They can enter all their details to find the best matches.

Each member is permitted to upload a maximum of 12 photos in the picture gallery. Private photos can be accessed by permission only; you can also request other members to view their photos. Organize your photos as public and private in your profile section. Your SingleMuslim profile is valued from 0 to 5 based on their completion status. A complete profile gets a higher rating as well as matching results. It is recommended to complete your profile if you intend to find the best matches on SingleMuslim.

All the members on the site have access to browse profiles and their pictures. You can update or edit any information on your profile, but all the alterations require approval. Almost all the profile information is covered during the registration process. That is why there is not much left that needs to be filled.

Besides all the information, the profile section has many settings that enable members to customize their accounts. You can select the countries you prefer communication from and block the rest. Overall the profiles on SingleMuslim are extensive and informative. They provide all the information members seek in potential matches.


SingleMuslim is a premium dating service, but there are many features accessible for the standard members. Standard members can customize their research by adding different criteria for best matches. You find matches by their online status, location, and recently joined. You can customize your searches in terms of gender, location, age range, religiousness, revert status, profession, education, Salah (prayer) enactment, etc. Save your search results for future use. Similar to profile, the search criteria of SingleMuslim are also extensive, which provides ample opportunities for the members to find their life partners with preferred qualities.

Search filters are accessible to all members, but communications channels are only available for premium users. To interact with your potential matches, you need to upgrade your membership. The site offers communication through messages. Members can send and receive text messages only.


Members Structure and Activities

The member base of SingleMuslim has over 270,500 users in the US. It’s a male dominant dating site with 65 percent males and 35 percent female members. The monthly influx of visitors on the site is about 111,000 and 500 accounts daily.

The majority of the male members on the site look for young female partners as wives and females are looking for male partners in mature age.

Users Age

If you observe the member’s average age on SingleMuslim, it will reveal that the males are on the older age spectrum while females are younger. This age distribution is that males seek younger wives while females seek mature age with a steady income. About 75 percent of the members prefer the five years age difference for their potential matches.

Sexual Preferences

As a Muslim dating site, SingleMuslim only caters to straight men and women. Islam does not allow Muslims to engage in gay, lesbian or bisexual relations. That is why the only sexual orientation on the site is of straight members seeking long term relationships.

Race and Ethnicity

As a niche dating website, the members of SingleMuslim are from all over the world, belonging to various races and ethnicities. You may find members from Asian, African, European, American, and many other communities. What connects all these multiple races and ethnicities is their religion.

Religious Orientation

SingleMuslim is a religiously oriented dating website allowing members only from the Muslim community. The members on the site are Muslims seeking other Muslim partners for marriages.


SingleMuslim Dating Website Features

SingleMuslim is a worldwide popular website with unique features connecting Muslims in long term relationships. Some of the silent features of the site are:

  • Free registration for all members with extensive information that provides a detailed character sketch to the members.
  • Huge worldwide member base that provides ample opportunities to find the best matches.
  • Extensive search filters to find members on preferred criteria.
  • Public and private photo galleries that allow members to hide their pictures and provide only on request. It’s an exclusive step by the moderator to keep the privacy of their members confidential.
  • Premium male single members can send flowers to individual female members. Members are notified when their partner receives their delivery.
  • Members can save their search filters.
  • The site offers a free Umrah trip to couples who find their matches on SingleMuslim. The only stipulation is that the couple shoots their video in Makkah and uploads it on the website for promotional purposes.

Safety & Security

SingleMuslim has robust safety and security policies that provide a safe environment for the members to find their life partners. The process of sending passwords to the members’ email is an excellent step for validating emails and providing exclusive access. Moreover, members can block or report any members on the site.

SingleMuslim has strict policies against sexual content or abusive members. The efficient customer service team of the website takes action instantly and terminates any scam or abusive account.

Is SingleMuslim Legit or Scam Service?

SingleMuslim is a legit dating brand, and the success stories on the site are testimony of its useful methods. The members share many stories that provided them an opportunity to have a free trip to Makkah to perform Umrah. The site has strict policies against scammers or fake profiles.


Subscription Types and Price

The women of the SingleMuslim are offered complimentary Gold membership. They have access to all the exclusive features of the site, including emails, live chats, etc. On the other hand, men are required to upgrade their profiles to interact with females. The site’s subscription price is not low compared to other niche dating sites but not too expensive. Members can purchase the membership through bank transfer, cash deposit, cheques, online transactions, and credit cards.

  • One month Gold membership cost 49.00 USD.
  • Three months Gold membership costs 33.00 USD per month and 99.00 USD in total.
  • Twelve months Gold membership costs 15.00 USD per month and 180.00 USD in total.

Free Membership

  • Free registration
  • Browsing profiles
  • Searching through extensive filters
  • Send, receive, reply and read all message through the instant messaging features
  • View the members seen your profile
  • Searching through extensive filters for best potential matches
  • Saving search results and receiving email notifications
  • Priority treatment by the customer support service
  • Viewing the read receipt of members
  • Sighting the members who liked your profile
  • Viewing matches

Website Design and Usability

SingleMuslim’s website design is modern, hip, and artistic. The color scheme alignment of features is all tasteful and well organized. As a modern dating website, it doesn’t have flashy animations or vibrant colors. The color scheme of the site is soft and refreshing, with plain white background and blue or pink colors representing different genders.

The buttons for different users are neatly arranged for intuitive experience and easy navigation. You can find all the feature icons on the main page in a single line, starting with a gallery or profiles, search, like, messages, and profile sections. The carefully designing and cool aesthetics of the site is charming and user friendly. Whether you are a novice or professional, the site is easy to navigate and appealing.


Mobile Application

In the modern era of online dating, members prefer dating sites with mobile apps. With busy schedules and bustling hustling life. SingleMuslim provides a well-established website and an exceptional mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The installation is quick from any virtual store and requires minimum space in portable storage. If you compare it with the desktop version, the app is stylish and smartly designed to perform efficiently on the small screen.

The question is what the app can do for the members? Members can access all the features and enjoy all functionalities on the site. You can register and fill up all the comprehensive information. Search potential members and interact with them through messages and emails. Members can upgrade their membership and edit any account settings.

The best feature of the mobile all is that you will never miss any notification from the members and be up to date with any new member on the site. If you don’t want to install the app, you can also use the website through your mobile browser. It’s the lighter version of the desktop website, fully optimized with the mobile screen for an excellent performance.


Contact information

Company: Single Muslim Matrimonial services (Pvt Ltd)

Address: PO BOX 386


West Yorkshire


United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)844 800 9255




SingleMuslim is an extraordinary niche dating website that focuses on connecting Muslims all over the world. The objective of the site is to provide a platform that respects Islamic values and follows Sharia laws. The exciting aspect of the site that makes it unique in the Muslim community is it allows friends and family members to find partners for their son, daughters, brother, sister, friends, niece, and nephews. As Muslims, all the members on the site are looking for either wife or husband. There are many features for the standard members, but to avail, all exclusive features of the site members have to upgrade their membership to Gold. If you are looking for a Muslim partner, look no further, as SingleMuslim is the best Muslim dating available.

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