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The League it’s elite dating app targeted at successful individuals


TheLeague Overview

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  • TheLeague has a strict registration procedure that weeds out fakes;
  • The profile verification happens via connecting a dating account to other authentic networks
  • Users can unite into groups
  • There is a video call feature
  • All users are graduates of prestigious educational establishments, creative people, and celebrities
  • The waiting list for enrollment is enormous
  • You only get five automatic matches per day
  • The subscription costs are higher than average

How Does It Work?

TheLeague started operating in 2015 after its author, Amanda Bradford, decided that no services would provide her a satisfying and trustworthy online dating experience. Bradford needed to smooth out the web-based dating world and create an environment for society’s elite. She was tired of superficial relationships with empty people. TheLeague aims to help mindful people meet their equals.

This dating application solely targets people with higher education, Ivy League graduates, and major international companies. Business people, actors, artists, and IT engineers ready for serious relationships join TheLeague to find a decent match.

How Does It Work Features

Sign-Up & Login Process

You should connect your Facebook and LinkedIn account for check purposes before the site includes you on the waiting list. The more companions and groups you have on Facebook and LinkedIn, the higher are your chances of being accepted to TheLeague. You can pay a considerable sum of money to pass this step or add the contact later. However, this step doesn’t guarantee that the moderators will allow you into the site’s community. There are more than 100,000 individuals on the holding up list in the USA only. Many people receive a refusal straightaway, so these are people who have passed the initial check.

TheLeague is an elite online club that implements strict enrollment measures. Not every person can get in. The application’s severe screening of its individuals makes it the world’s most select dating application. Even after you follow all the instructions and get into the online queue, your acceptance process can take up to three months. First of all, you can’t fill in an application form on Facebook or LinkedIn, except if you pay a considerable amount of money. You should add your external web-based media accounts to check your authenticity.

Connecting these records doesn’t consequently imply that you are in. TheLeague surveys your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to check whether you match their circle. The more companions you have and the higher is your social activity, the more entering possibilities you have. For example, your status, training, calling, and groups of friends will also fall under examination.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

HD photographs from professional photoshoots make your chances of being accepted higher. Thus, all the user profiles have high-resolution photos. You can upload six of them, by the way. The dating platform moderators also consequently adjust their business and instruction data and update the information from the connected online media accounts.

To pass the TheLeague check, you should fill out all the profile fields and provide real data about yourself. Besides the photographs from your other online media accounts, you may transfer six photographs to your profile. Having HD, studio-quality photographs is an absolute necessity in this dating application. Those should be preferable photos taken by iPhone and DSLR cameras.

The data you provide to TheLeague is similar to that from any dating site. The necessary details include:

  • Your stature;
  • Nationality;
  • Area where you live;
  • Religion;
  • Interests.

Composing a short bio in a free form will also add you points. The application implements a complicated security algorithm that requires a thorough identity check to shield its individuals from fakes and bots. You should connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to TheLeague. All personal information and photos will be visible to other users unless you pay to make your profile private.

Profile Interface


On TheLeague, you will get a set number of automatically produced matches every day. You are free to use search channels to limit the matches to your inclination. Paid users receive more matches, so you can invest in having more options for potential partners.

After any of the matches attract your attention, you should purchase TheLeague Ticket to get in touch with them. This Ticket allows you to chat and use other communication features. Upgrading to a premium subscription also has many benefits. After you pay for it, you become an Owner or a Member. These two classifications differ in status and the communication possibilities they provide. For instance, you get unlimited Tickets and advanced search filters.

To meet users in real life, you should join TheLeague Groups. Those are offline events where elite members of this dating society meet and hang out. To visit group gatherings or join them online, you should pay for the pass. The site’s president, Amanda Bradford, arranges the coolest gatherings herself. Some of the events aim at ladies only. For instance, several League branches focused on discussing the social constructs of children’s role in a woman’s life. Successful females who visited the event shared their tips on maintaining the work-life balance and choosing between love and career.

The most well-known among the group events are “Nantucketers,” “Hamptons Group,” “Early lunch Sweethearts,” “Golf Mates,” “Yacht Week,” and “World Explorers and Street Warriors,” which pretty much says about what sort of individuals go there.


Members Structure and Activities

This dating site’s concept is to let people who are successful in life meet no less outstanding personalities. They need the ideal accomplices who might comprehend their striving in life, energy, and share their knowledge. As Bradford would state, TheLeague helps powerful people unite into even more unique couples. With their thorough screening measures, the developers let few people enter the community. Consequently, the number of matches is smaller, but their quality is the best you could imagine.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

The average age of users is 28.

Sexual Preferences

95% of TheLeague’s audience is straight. There have been controversies concerning the orientation of the users. Many people state that the dating site’s community is intolerant towards the representatives of the LGBT specter. All users seek long-term committed relationships.

Race and Ethnicity

The majority of the users are from the USA or England. Europeans and Asians rarely enter TheLeague. There are not many non-Caucasian clients of this dating application. Although Bradford expresses that requiring nationality information intends to enable the site to be more comprehensive, the absence of variety on TheLeague is apparent.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

Most people who register on TheLeague are Christians. A small percentage of Muslims and atheists are present as well.

TheLeague Dating Website Features

The unique features that the site provides are all paid:

  • TheLeague Ticket. This virtual ticket allows you to enter a conversation with your match. Without it, you can only respond to messages.
  • Ownership. Being TheLeague Owner allows you to approach all enrollment advantages like day by day activity details, dating tips, receipts, groups, and celebrity passes. TheLeague subscription runs on the top-notch model, where they make excellent highlights. The main catch is, these highlights will cost you higher than average. You should purchase it if you want to enhance your “exclusivity further.”
  • Groups. The elite online “clubs” and offline events are other unique features of TheLeague. People gather to talk about their inclinations, or participate in discussing useful things, for example, stocks, leisure activities, and different extravagances.

TheLeague Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

TheLeague verification procedure takes a long time because it is not automatic. You do not receive a letter with a confirmation code. The moderators accept every user manually and take their time for it. On one side, it might take a few months before you join. Anyway, this top to bottom cycle implies that practically no fakes can enter the community. You get the opportunity to converse with all the more genuine individuals.

The fundamental concern individuals have with TheLeague is that you need to synchronize both your Facebook and your LinkedIn to your dating account. However, it would help if you didn’t stress that your dating data may become visible to anyone outside the dating site, especially your Facebook friends. TheLeague ensures that none of your data will spread without your confirmation.

Safety & Security

Is TheLeague Legit or Scam Service?

One of the dating application’s fundamental contentions is elitism. TheLeague is famous for being difficult to get into, further building up itself as the chosen celebrity application. Bradford proposes that TheLeague is rebranding guidelines with regards to web-based dating. In the future, more people will enter the site, and its community may become more open to regular users. Today, the service makes no expectations for people who do not reach its high standards. TheLeague is not a scam but the most elite dating service on the web.

Is TheLeague Legit or Scam Service

Subscription Types and Price

To fully enjoy this dating site, you should purchase a subscription. Using a basic set of features is non-effective and doesn’t make sense after waiting for so long in a shortlist. Obviously, after the complicated registration procedure, only the best and the most brilliant enter TheLeague. Its users are people who do not care for the money and can afford an expensive subscription.

Free Membership

What you can do for free:

  • Apply for the registration;
  • Receive five matches per day;
  • Send friend requests;
  • Search users.

What you can do after you pay:

  • Contact users;
  • Customize profiles;
  • Join TheLeague groups;
  • Visit offline gatherings;
  • Receive unlimited matches.

The membership prices:

  • 2 Months for $ 349.00;
  • 6 Months for $ 199.00;
  • 1 Month for $ 99.00.

Ownership prices:

  • 12 Months for $ 999.00;
  • 1 Month for $ 199.00.

Website Design and Usability

TheLeague introduces the new idea of dating wisely. However, many users report the site’s moderators’ unfair politics towards people of color and representatives of the LBGT community. The site’s usability is not suitable for gay people. Many categories of singles cannot even enter the site because their applications get refused. Amanda Bradford guards to be as “having elevated expectations” seems to mask identity discrimination.

The interface is sleek, and you can see the professional approach to every detail. You get the best quality and modern design for the money you pay and the time you invested in waiting in an online queue. The only drawback is the lengthy registration that is hard to pass. TheLeague is not the most user-friendly dating service. If you want to find a partner as soon as possible, you should use another site.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

TheLeague applications are accessible on iOS and Android for free. They have a perfect and smooth design resembling that of the site and composed structure. The apps, having more than 100,000 downloads, are more suitable for the youth. The age of the app users is younger than the average age of the site’s users. However, it still looks perfect and provides a luxurious feel to every section.

Resembling the MVP of all dating applications out there, TheLeague has a moderate interface. Its primary colors are turquoise, dark, white, and gold tones.

The textual styles are exquisite yet, at the same time, sleek. Each menu makes the client experience less complicated and natural.

Contact Information

  • Company: The League App, Inc.
  • Address: 55 Grace Street, San Francisco, California 94103
  • Phone: (800) 952-5210
  • Email: [email protected]


During the hurricane of debates, the world’s most selective dating application, despite everything, has a fantastic community of unique people. Wealthy, outstanding, and wise individuals register on TheLeague to find a corresponding match. TheLeague doesn’t extend itself as a dating application for ordinary people. It focuses on the creme de la creme of society with an immense accentuation on education and talents.

Creating an account on TheLeague is a long and complicated process. Regardless of who you are and how much you can pay, you will wait in the long, holding up the list with 100,000 others. Since the dating application brands itself as the site for individuals with exclusive requirements, its users’ expectations have caused many scandals over the five years of the site’s operation. However, if the selectiveness doesn’t scare you, apply for TheLeague registration to meet people you would never meet in regular life.

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